Truckee River Fishing Report 8/25/14

Still holding steady here in the Hirsch on the Truckee River. Flows are lowering daily out of Lake Tahoe, but they do have more water coming out of Boca /the Little Truckee arm to help compensate a bit.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 8-19-14

We’re still hanging in here. There’s still water flowing in the Truckee River, nights have cooled, and the fishing is actually pretty darn good.

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Hirschdale Fire

We had a little scare here in Hirschdale, the land of trout and clear blue waters. Thankfully, we came out unscathed.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 8-14-14

Hard to believe August is half way over. Feels as if we’ve made it through the warmest stretch of the year without as much as a scratch. People were really freaking out about how August was going be hot, and with the low water on the Truckee River, fishing would suck and trout would die. Anything but. August has been really cool. Thunderstorms with rain almost every afternoon doted the landscape, and we had a few solid days of heavy rain. We’ve made it through. A few weeks we’ll see some leaves turning colors and summer will be a thing of the past. Ok, the Truckee River is still low for this time of year. Since D-Day we have added a bit of water to help with flows. There’s now 50 cubes coming out of Boca into the LT and into the Truckee. Fishing has been very good. As you might except with lower water levels, wading is much easier. Most folks have a hard time wading the river. Now, it’s a bit easier. You’ll still need waders. It’s cold out now in the am. The way the wind leaves the canyon in the mornings, you’ll freeze your ass off without them. I’ve been doing all my work on the California side of the river. More water. Crays, and big stones, and mayflies more than caddis now.

Cortland Rods and Lines

I was recently invited to be on the Cortland Rods and Lines Pro Staff. That’s cool because that’s the rod I’ve been rocking all summer.

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Going Forward

What a difference a week has made. Last week it was doom and gloom. Trout were going to die, the Truckee River will dry up, etc., etc.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 8/1/14

I’m surprised we made it this far. With the current state of drought in California, I’m surprised the river held out this long.

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Hoot Owl Closure

Flows are still fine on the Truckee River, don’t panic, but check this out if you fish the river.


I’m around a lot of different people and trout every day. I meet lots of characters, may as well take photos of them. I started taking the photo thing a little more serious of late, I’ll put a weeks worth of photos up here. That’s the direction I see this blog going. The site will be real plain, just random photos from the week. If you come up, there’s a good chance you’ll get a snapshot.

Situation Averted

Todays the 25th and here’s the flows. Flows are actually up from yesterday. Situation averted. There was a lot of rumors and dooms day theories about the water.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 7-23-14

You want the good news or the bad news? The good news is that we’ve had a week of solid cool temps, some rain, it made for some muddy flows, brought the river up, and bought us some time so to speak.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 7-20-14

Little high and off color, the Truckee River that is. Can’t believe I’d be saying that.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 7-18-14

Pretty good steady fishing still here on the Truckee River in the greater Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area.

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On Photography

I’ve used a lot of crappy digital point and shoot cameras over the years, nothing over a few hundred bucks, and they’re fine for goverment work, but you can only do so much with them.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 7-14-14

Good-good-good fishing here on the Truckee River in the greater, Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area.

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Nymph Clinic-August 9th

Doug O and I are at it again. Tight line nymph clinic on the Truckee River, Saturday August 9th. If you want to learn some short line nymphing techniques, that is nymping without indicators, this is the class. 

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Truckee River Fishing Report 7-11-14

Warm, warm, and very warm here on the Truckee River. Been very hot here this July.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 7-8-14

Cloudy and muggy the last few days here on the Truckee River in the, Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area. Not wanting to rain, but cloudy, good monochrome type of sky for fishing.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 7-4-14

Very warm weather and good fishing here on the Truckee River in the greater Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area.

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Truckee River Fishing Report 6-30-14

Looks like the heat is around to stay in the Lake Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area. It can put the clamp down on the afternoon fishing on the Truckee RIver this time of year.

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