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Gilligan's Guide Service logo

New Logo on some new tee’s that you can pick up at Leland’s Expo in Sonoma this weekend. I’ll have them available for sale off my blog shortly.

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  1. Matt

    Frank-the first rule of the quot;Hells Anglersquot; is that you do not speak of the quot;Hells Anglersquot;, that#39;s of course if said organization actually existed…

  2. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    Yeah Ben, maybe you should give me one of your shirts and I can bomb those nice casts like you do, serious, cheers.

  3. Ben Paull

    I got one at the Leland Expo. It#39;s rad. Sporting it on the streets of SF. Mega people are jealous. You should get one.

  4. Frank R. Pisciotta

    dSD—-Your new logo reminds of the new fly fishing group in Truckee…the quot;Hell#39;s Anglersquot;. Personally, I like your original one; too much mind/eye-f#$amp;*%@ in the new /br /quot;old schoolquot; Franke da Fish

  5. Josh "Chappy" Chaplin

    Nice dude, you were not kidding, the logo is rad. He did a great job. Hook it up, ooohhhh….

  6. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    I#39;d rather have the ahts, but of course I#39;ll trade.

  7. rm

    a hat not a aht, the aht#39;s wont be done for a month or so!!

  8. rm

    Those are sick, i dig the traditional style. My hats will be done next week, I#39;ll trade you a aht for a shirt.

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