Leland Expo

Leland Expo

Leland Expo

Leland Expo

Hung out with the FFO crew down in Sonoma this past weekend for the inaugural Leland Expo at their Sonoma Valley Ranch. After awhile, you don’t get too stoked on these kind of things, but this was different. There seemed to be a younger crowd, people that actually fly fish, not a bunch of crusty old dudes cruising around looking for the bathroom. When Leland does things, they go big and this was no different. If you’ve never been to the FFO ranch, it’s pretty awesome. The weather was nice and the beer was cold. I gave a few casting tips to Tim Rajeff, told George Revel that distance casting is a thing of the past and drank some Trout Slayer Ale on tap, I mean if the shoe fits. I got to hang and watch Val Atkinson’s slide show, the dude is an amazing photographer and even nicer fellow. If I can get Keith Westra out of parking patrol, Val’s going to come up and shoot some photos with us on the Truckee this summer, stoked. Jim and Rachel Andras, guides from Oregon, are real nice and it was great to get to know them. The film tour was fun to watch, though after a few films they seem to get a little redundant. Elliot drank a lot of spilt beer too and got herself some leftover chukar which didn’t settle so well. I’m already looking forward to next year which I’m sure will be even a bigger blow out than this years. Also stay tuned for some new Red Truck gear that is in the works. br /




8 Responses to “Leland Expo”

  1. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    You can leave them cowboy boots on my front door anytime..

  2. George Revel

    Gil you are an H-MO and to think we shared a blanket. You are just jealous because the ladies were all over me after every cast.br /br /Any way the chukar were shot three hours prior to us devouring them. br /br /I give you rods I teach you how to fish and all you do is give shit gil. br /br /Peace!br /br /George

  3. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    They where shot at a pay to play type place, Elliot didn#39;t care though. Tom would have shot 100 out there.

  4. Uncle Larry

    Did you promote my custom Bufff? Hint – It#39;s a real beard.br /br /And chukar this long in the freezer is not to be trusted… I don#39;t care what Tom says.

  5. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    It was a joke Frank, about the casting. Val#39;s going to stay at my place, but thanks for the invite.

  6. Frank R. Pisciotta

    dSC—-Val and I are old aquaintances. We haven#39;t spoken/seen each other in 2-3 years.br /br /If he comes up here to do a quot;photo-shootquot; let me know. I would like to see him and he can stay at my place. Was Susan there?br /br /As for George…agreeded…distance casting has its places. As far has trout fly fishing; I#39;ve been preaching for years quot;The closer you can get to the trout, the better, becuase it translates to less line out of your rod-tip, hence better/quicker control on the hook-upquot;.br /br /da Reverend

  7. Bigerrfish

    Way cool, looking forward to reading more on the gear..

  8. Josh "Chappy" Chaplin

    Nice dude…br /Is that a public event? Looks super fun…br /Hi-5

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