Blue Diamond Phillips

Blue Diamond Phillips

I might as well do the fly of the week again as the Truckee’s still pumping and there ain’t a lot of fishing around here except for the LT. I guess I could get creative, but I’d rather go shred some dirt on my niner. This fly has wrecked ’em the last few years, looks like a beatis to trout, but hell, I’m not a trout so..I even tie these guys up to a size #6 and fish them deep in the big holes up from my house, works well. I gave it a nice 70’s look in the photo. Put a little hard as nails or epoxy over the sili-skin, so them toothy critters don’t chew it all up.

  • Hook: Scud, Heavy sz#16-18 (for baetis)
  • Bead: Tung, Silver
  • Thread: Uni 8/0, Black
  • Body: Blue Mylar
  • Rib: Blue Ultra Wire, Small
  • Tail-Wing: Hen, Brown
  • Wingcase: Metz, Sili-Skin, Opal
  • Thorax: Simi Seal Dub, Purple

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  1. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    LT is about the only option, or along the shire on the Truckee. It is pumping in Reno.

  2. Jason

    Good stuff as always. Will be in Reno this weekend with the in-laws, LT only option or swinging streamers on edge on BT near Reno even an option?

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