Pretty Good

Truckee River

Truckee River

The Truckee would actually be pretty good, flows wise, if all the creeks weren’t pumping. I should say the Truckee is good up along Glenshire, a bit high, but not bad. The rest of the river is pumping due to the two major inflows. You have Prosser Creek coming in at nearly 400 cubes, and the inflow from the Little Truckee below Boca which is nearly another 400 cubes. The clarity is good though even down towards the stateline. I have been out a bit here and there and have been hooking some big fish, but it’s been hard turning ’em in the heavy current, most of them have popped off. Careful though along the river, one bad move and that’s all she wrote. If you fall in at these flows you ain’t getting out. I think the big run-off will happen about the third week of May, there’s still a lot of snow up top, but all of the low lying snow is gone and melted. The whole river will open up this weekend, as it’s the traditional opener of trout season in CA. That will open up some more water to fish around the Truckee area and also open the rest of the Truckee River up top. The top photo is the inflow of Prosser, a bit of a mud line, but not bad. The bottom photo is the river at Hirschdale.

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  1. Ryan

    Thanks for posting a picture of the Prosser Creek confluence, I always wanted to walk up there, haven#39;t had the chance.

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