It Takes Me Back

Truckee River Brown Trout

Old friends fishing the Truckee River

Truckee RIver Fly Fishing


I put the boat in up along the 89 stretch the other day with some old friends. Dudes I’ve known for a long time, but lost touch with over the years. We had some PBR’s, and talked about old times while they pounded streamers on the banks. Things are different now, marriage, families, careers, but the more things change the more they stay the same. The fishing part wasn’t the best, water came up a bunch, but who cares, that’s really not what it’s about. Life’s a full circle, it’s weird how people and things come back in your life. I did manage to get this pretty little brown with his mouth stuffed full of my Skipper Stone where the wife and I got married a few years ago.

2 Responses to “It Takes Me Back”

  1. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    Rad, I#39;ll see you on the weekend of the 6th for sure.

  2. Matthew

    Yo Matt – Thanks for a superfun day on the river, it was a blast hangin out with you and Todd on your badass boat. Tossin streamers sure makes a guy thirsty – good thing we kept well-hydrated…

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