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Managed a few hours with a neighbor and some friends yesterday on the LT. I say managed only because it felt like Antarctica again up here yesterday. I really don’t like posting reports on the LT as the place gets pretty hammered and me posting about it doesn’t help. The fishing was decent if you put enough weight on and got your flies down and dirty. Lots of blue wings, but no fish on top, not even in the 610. Flows are back in the 600 range, still very high for out there, but I think we’ve seen the height of the crest coming out of Stampede this last week. Go 3-4x on your nymphing rig, anything less than that is pointless. We got fish on rubberlegs, worms, and baetis nymphs. This brown ate my baetis nymph in a sz #16.

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  1. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    Hey troutdog, you#39;ve got a great blog yourself over there. We ought to link up.

  2. Troutdawg

    Big leaders = big fish! Nice write up and blog

  3. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    I hear ya on that, the water#39;s so high out there now that they just aren#39;t leader shy, summer is when you have to go much lighter.

  4. Bigerrfish

    Pointless to go lighter than 3-4x? Woe…Are the fish big or stupid..br /Not trying be an ass but over here your screwed to the oar if your on 3x with a nymph, and most of the nymphs we use you cant get 4x through the eye.

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