Over The Crest?

Truckee River Rainbow

Truckee River Rainbow

I think we’ve got past the heavy crest of water and we won’t see the Truckee over 2800 cubes anymore, which it was most of last week. Of course that’s barring any uncontrollable circumstances such as rain, or an extended heat wave. We’ve had a nice slow melt, hell, the Truckee’s been blown since mid-March. Though the river’s high, the “Dean” and I are guessing three weeks out for good fishing on both the LT and the main stem of the Truckee above Boca. It could be another month for any real fishing to happen down here in the Hirsch, and even then the water will be high. Get your boxes full of stones, green drakes, and all your favorite attractors. Big and ugly dries should be in there also, PMX’s, etc. Remember, most of these fish haven’t seen a fly in months, and they are going to be willing. Right now, the fishing’s not the best, that is unless you got an inside scoop on some runs to fish in high water. The bottom photo is from up along 89 the other evening, and the top rainbow came from above my house the other day. Both came on my Skipper Stone Golden which has been crushing it around here lately.

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  1. Matt "Gilligan" Koles

    Sure, biggerfish, this next week sometime, gottta say that curtain climber of yours is pretty nice.

  2. otis48

    +Seems to be more of a caddis deal down here in Sparks.UNR or someboy has yellow sticky bug card hanging in the riparian trees.A few 22-24br /midges[?] and some 16 size caddis..

  3. Bigerrfish

    Thats a great looking Rainbow…br /Say, would you mind sharing that stone? Ill swear to never throw it in the Truckee?br /bigerrfish@yahoo.com

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