Not To Shabby

Truckee River Rainbow

Truckee River Rainbow

The fishing ain’t to shabby now on the Truckee River, that is if you stay above Boca. Water clarity’s pretty good, and though the water’s high, the fish are there. On the plus side, there’s pretty much nobody out fishing except for a few locals. I fished the dry dropper set-up today as it forces you to fish the inside, inside, if you no what I’m saying. I did quite well. The water down here in the Hirsch is right about 1700 cubes, still to high, but it will come down once they stop pouring so much water out of the reservoirs. There’s still a lot of river to fish above Boca though, and if you don’t like crowds, now would be a good time to get your fishing on. I’ll post some high water rigs and flies to use this week. A nice hardy “esqe” sound came from the reel of my Red Truck Diesel today. The 5wt has enough backbone to toss a large chunk of change around. These are from today on the middle stretch of river.

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  1. Jay

    Right on! Looking forward to your post on rigs! Hoping to make it up on Friday!

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