Bunny Love

Streamering, now is a good time. If you look at the photo above, that’s the Truckee River running at 1600 cubes in all her glory. You can’t really indo fish the lower river at these flows, as your flies just won’t stay in any pocket long enough for a fish to see them. Sink tips are a good idea, so are heavy weighted conehead flies. You don’t need to get it out there that far. The fish are tight to the bank in about a foot, or two of water. With the advent of the new Rio Switch lines and Mow tips, streamering now on the Truckee River is pretty easy. That’s as long as you got a switch rod.  I’ve been rocking a 10 foot mow tip,  7.5 feet of T-11,2.5 foot floating, or Mow Medium, on my 5 weight switch. I’m not spey casting, as I’m merely just two handed roll casting. I cast upstream and let my flies swing into likely pockets. It’s a wade fishing rig, and now my “go to”streamer rig system. It’s much easier than trying to backcast all day and getting your bunny stuck in the bushes. I like my Conehead Living Dead streamers in black, and olive.  Hooked some nice browns today that I watched sail downriver to Reno. Of course, it’s snowing again this afternoon, but the flows have dropped some and the clarity is perfect.

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  1. Uncle Larry

    Were the whiteys rising Chris? Or do you need me to summon them with my whitefish prayer?
    I am a Reverend now. OG OFFICIAL.

  2. blogadmin

    Still snowing, suppose to snow more this weekend too. I guess you guys have a huge snowpack also. I hear you, sometimes you just have to get out of the house. Any size on those fish? or where they all 12oz sizes.

  3. Bozeman Chris

    I guess the saying “chuck and duck” does not really apply when using a switch rod? Floated the Yellowstone last weekend at 6,500 cubes, half foot of vis. Windy as hell. We caught a few on the streamers, if it was not for the cabin fever, I would probably not have been out there. My buddies and I were the only crazies on the river that day. Sounds like you guys are continuing to add to your snow pack as well?

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