Twenty Niner

Walked down to the river yesterday, my friend Scott and I, one rod, some beers, just to mess around. This is what twenty nine inches of Truckee River brown trout look like. As luck would have it I brought the boat net and the damn thing barely fit in it. They’re in there folks and some friends of mine have been hooking some monsters of late as well.

7 Responses to “Twenty Niner”

  1. blogadmin

    Dennis-a soft hackle march brown. And yes Blake, will be big this year on the Truckee.

  2. Blake

    Great fish man! It’s always best when its least expected!! Going to be a big year for the Truckee!!

  3. Dennis Estrada

    Dang, Gilligan! That’s a beast. What was the fly of the day?


  4. blogadmin

    Thanks Larry, it was almost as big as your sandwiches.

  5. Larry

    You are the man! I knew you had it in you all the time. Great fish taken by a great guy!

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