More snow, more rain, and the river coming up nearly 1000 cubes again.  Is this really June 6th? Time to stay higher up on the Truckee River until flows drop again. Like I said, higher flows = streamers, and to fish streamers you have to stay committed. You might, or might not get a fish to chase, but when they do, it’s life changing for some. Dylan from Davis stuck a nice fish on a streamer today, his first streamer caught fish, and I’m sure not the last.  I’m guessing it was worth camping last night in the rain and snow.  Dylan was even kind enought to bring some limited edition brews from Anderson Valley Brewery.

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  1. Blake

    Hey I think I sort of ran into you today at the P. I was driving a black jeep and pulled up on you guys as you were leaving? May be wrong, but either way it fished awesome! Only got one small hit on the streamer, but now I might see why. Haha. RS2’s on the other hand were killing it! I’ll be sure to introduce myself the next time I see you.

  2. Bozeman Chris

    Are you having your clients wear Helmets these days? Chuck and duck!

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