Ain’t too many times when someone shows  me where to fish, so when a friend calls and says, “you want to hit this creek” then hells yes, I’m down. Crick’n is fun and when there’s some big fish in it it’s even more fun.  I ain’t gonna tell you where I was, but if you get off the grid there are lots of rad creeks in the Tahoe area and this year they have tons of water.  The Truckee has come down a little today and next week it’s only supposed to be in the 60’s, let’s hope. This is Tony one of the dudes you talk to at the fly shop at Mountain Hardware in Truckee.

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  1. aaron

    this crick is killing it this year! been hooking 10-15 bows and a nice brown or two every morning this week. Glad your not one of the guides bringing people here, and equally glad you didnt give away its location. I have alot of respect for you and the fact that even when the rivers blown out your still out there hooking nice fish regularly. Props!

  2. blogadmin

    Montana spelled backwards is red neck, what you talk’n about.

  3. Bozeman Chris

    What kind of Okie red neck operation are your running? They’re called CREEKS!

  4. Dennis Estrada

    It looks like a beautiful 3 weight Sierra stream.

  5. Blake

    Pretty sure I know this one. Great Spot! Big browns and streamers all day!!

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