Oh Yeah

My buddy Micheal has been trying to get me to take him out for about three years now. Everytime he comes up it snows, or the rivers blown, or we’re just to lazy to put the waders on. Even though he’s a city kid, he ain’t to bad with the graphite. He grew up near the Henry’s Fork, and this is the biggest trout he’s caught. This is one of the fattest browns I’ve seen to date come out of the Truckee River. He ate a G-6 Caddis Pupa. The fish are about as big and strong as I’ve ever seen.

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  1. blogadmin

    Yeah, been fishing those flies deep. Chappy I might not sell my raft, it’s nice to have toys, I’ll put it next to my Porche in the garage.

  2. G-Rob

    I haven’t caught any fish swinging caddis pupae yet, but have got some fishing ’em deep with some lead. Is that your experience thus far?

  3. Chappy

    Damn I wish I could have floated by a little earlier to see that hog landed…
    At least now you understand why I don’t need to buy another boat…

  4. Blake

    yeaaah buddy! sickness!! Good work… They are increadibly fat this year!!

  5. mbritt

    That’s about the biggest shit eating grin I’ve seen on Michael to date! Good job kid!

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