Truckee River Fishing Report 7/29

I wouldn’t say it’s on fire, the Truckee River, but if you have some basic skills you should be catching fish right now. Still a tad high down here in the Hirsch, but lowering daily. The upper stretches, the shire and through town, the water’s low, and by mid-day starting to get piss warm. Trout migrate and so should you. Start hitting some faster pocket water on the upper stretches. If you’re down lower on the river start looking for mid-river pockets, and deep seems. The water’s 58 degrees here by my house, under 800 cubes and caddis everywhere. I’m not sure when they will release water out of Lake Tahoe, but it won’t be until the gauge at Farad is around 500 cfs. At Farad it is in the 900 range right now. Evening caddis blitzes, sunshine, and fat healthy trout, August will be a very good month.

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  1. Uncle Larry

    Hare’s Ear is using his AC plug with crab tails trailers. We whacked and stacked em right under your bridge. Full cooler, fun times with my new Hirsch Buddy.

  2. blogadmin

    My neighbors have been bonking them on the head with those damn things for weeks now.

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