Business As Usual

The Truckee River is finally down to normal summertime levels, fishing is good, and the bugs are out in full force. Water temp is a perfect, 58,  warming up to about 60 in the afternoons. I’ve done a few mornings down on the Nevada side, two states one day program, and the fishing is good down there as well. I’ve been using my G-6 Caddis in green and gold, amber princes, rubberleggs, and red copper johns. They all seem to work, but the G-6 really puts a hurting to ’em. It’s not all nymphing either, put the dry dropper rig on, and you’ll be surprissed who’s up in that shallow water. Some photo’s from the last few.

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  1. Dave B

    Can you post the fly tying recipie and/or tying instructions for your G-6 caddis fly? I’d sure like to try my hand at tying some up for my next truckee river trip.

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