The Dry Dropper Rig


Truckee River Ca from Gilligans Guide Service on Vimeo.

Here’s a little video I shot the other day. Troy is fishing a dry dropper rig, actually two droppers off the back of a big dry. I like to get a 7.5ft 4X leader, and cut it back a ways. I use 3-4 feet of 4X flouro to the first fly, a good sinking nymph like a copper john or something, and then about a foot of 5X flouro to a G-6. You can fish water that you just can’t with a nymph rig. We hooked about 6 fish in that slot.

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  1. d mastrude

    Great stuff.Could we say that the bug hatch is on schedule now?Or is it stiff a month or so behind?

  2. blogadmin

    That’s a good debate. I do feel most folks can bring in a fish quicker with flouro, really put the pressure to them. Also you lose less tackle. Flies that are tungsten beaded, wrapped in lead, your shot, etc. When I lose a section of flouro it is usually very short. With mono you seem to lose longer sections of it. Mono has gotten stronger and I may swtich over, but for now I still use flouro.

  3. Larry

    Because it catches fish.Big fish!!!So that you can get them in quick and not wear them down and play them to death. We got to be careful or tree huggers will take that too.

  4. Daniel

    Gilligan how can you support using fluoro, which will stay in the water basically forever?

  5. blogadmin

    Yep, a few including a very large brown the other day have been trying to take the dry down.

  6. Ryan

    Sweet vid, I gotta get on the dry dropper in the Truckee more often! I bet they’re grabbing the dry from time to time, I’ve had fish take down some medium sized indicators.

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