New Boat Smell

Truckee River Rainbow, California from Gilligans Guide Service on Vimeo.

I’m back floating on an Aire raft again, in my opinion the best rafts in the business. Thankfully, I had a few hours yesterday to float the miracle mile section up from my house in Hirschdale. You have to get that new raft smell off, you know, that new smell of new rubber. It’s been days since I actually strung up the rods for myself.  A nice bow, one of the nicest in weeks, a healthy fat female was the first fish to come to the new boat. Most of the fish where small, 10-14 inch range, but I stuck a ton of them. Kinda felt like I was on the Madison there for awhile, not the Truckee. Fish seemed to like my double beaded baetis, off of big dry flys.

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  1. blogadmin

    Big pimp’n, you might see Beyonce throwing streamers off the front, she really hates to nymph.

  2. Chappy

    Nice boat… Did you sell your other? That thing is big pimpin’.
    Oooowww Hi-5

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