Put That Damn Thing Away


Little Truckee Rainbow Ca from Gilligans Guide Service on Vimeo.

Give your thingamabobber a rest if you’re out on the Little Truckee River. No fish where caught on nymphs in the production of this video. Go look for some heads, or make some come up, say, for a terrestrial of some kind. Flows are a good -dry fly fishing- 200 cubes out there.

3 Responses to “Put That Damn Thing Away”

  1. aaron

    Same story on the big t! Been seeing some big browns slurpin in the slackwater. Always in the hardest spots to drift of course.

  2. Larry

    Hell no I put a little C4 in the “Thing” and let er rip. I catch alot of fish that way! And the proceed to eat a LOG sandwich.

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