The Last Hurrah

That’s it, summer’s over, the kids go back to school tomorrow, and for most folks this is their last trip of summer. If you did come up to the Truckee-Tahoe area to fish the Truckee River, or just to vacation, thanks, the business and restaurants you visited are my friends and neighbors, and we couldn’t live here without you. From the looks of it, a lot of people came up and fished the river this weekend, hope you caught some fish. Remember this is when it happens, fall, and on a high water year like this, things from here on out are going to be very good.  I guided over on the Nevada side this weekend because of all the people here on the California side. Here’s a few shots.

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  1. blogadmin

    Thanks Jason, that was nice of you to say that, hopefully, you continue to catch fish on the Truckee.

  2. Jason Clark

    I feel like I owe you $400. I caught my first German Brown on the Truckee last Sunday. I have fished it many times but have always been skunked. After reading you blog, I tried hopper on top with one of your G-6’s that I picked up at the California Fly Shop in San Carlos. I saw the Brown come up to the fly but he grabbed the G-6 on the way down. I will plan a trip up there with my son next summer. I owe you one. Jason Clark

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