The Next Generation

Thanks to consecutive high water years we have had an explosion of young fish, especially fish in the 8-14″ class, here, on the California side of the Truckee River. Job security for me, and a healthy trout river for all. We’ve been hooking tons of these guys lately, one can keep their rod bent all day right now. Of course, there are big fish too, and we’ve been hooking a few them as well. Flows are still at summer levels, and this fall, browns will have plenty water to move about and plant their seeds. The future looks bright for our finned friends.

4 Responses to “The Next Generation”

  1. blogadmin

    Yeah dog, I better see a photo of you with one of them big browns from the Mo this fall.

  2. matt

    I’ll be back Oct. 15th, can’t wait to put the wood to some truckee trout!

  3. aaron

    Ive had more “oh shit, this one feels big” moments this year than ever before on the truckee. Love when a 12 inched fights like its 24

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