The Little Brother I…..

Larry and I, the little brother I never wanted, hit the conservancy for a few hours the other day. We hit up America’s next top run, and though we didn’t kill it, we still manged to catch a few. Larry’s off again, Monday, to ride his bike to South America. Second times a charm I guess. If he makes it through Mexico, I’ll be impressed. People don’t always understand why I hang out with Larry, he never has money, doesn’t have a car, never has flies, or beers.  But I only fish with two dudes, and when you fish with someone, well, I guess it’s just something I can’t explain. Good luck Larry, I’ll miss you buddy, the Truckee will be here when you get back.

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  1. matt

    Larry never does have money, but he’s got a quiver of rods and hatch reels to match. I don’t have my shit figured out that well yet.

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