Truckee River Fishing Report 10/8/11

It don’t get much better. Fall is here, them cottonwoods got some gold on them, and there’s snow up on the Twin Sisters. If you can’t catch fish now on the Truckee River, than you should sell the fly rod and strictly stick to golf. Both states are fishing really well, with them big browns starting to show. Of course, it’s been another couple days of big fish lost, story of the year, and that ain’t no joke. After a long battle with a big brown that popped off yesterday, dude said, “that was scary”. Nymphing up on ’em right now is very good, dry fly fishing, you bet-bwos, streamers, of course, it’s fall. Spencer today ripped some lips. He called me this summer and booked a trip for him and his uncle, he’s fourteen. He’s been saving up his money for a year to come up and fish with me. He’s never really nymphed, or done to much with a fly rod, but he fishes 4-5 times a week around his house in Auburn. With a bit of instruction, he picked it up quickly, and really put some wood to them fish. Thanks Spencer, it was truly as fun for me as it was you.

2 Responses to “Truckee River Fishing Report 10/8/11”

  1. Uncle Larry

    That kids face in the top picture is amazing. Made my day.
    Let the Kids Fish.
    Hope you hooked em up. Maybe in a few years he can book with Chasing Tail Guide Consortium.

  2. dudley tall

    The bottom picture with the dude in the green hat looks like a sick spot

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