The Party’s Over

The party’s over, Chris left to go back home to Bozeman, and I’ll be in full guide mode for the next couple weeks. It was nice to spend a few days on the river, fishing and talking shit to each other. We both managed a couple nice browns, and lost some nice fish. The weather is ridiculous up here, almost to hot, and I think November will be the month. Remember, November is a sleeper month on the Truckee River. Some photo’s from yesterday.

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  1. blogadmin

    Yep, don’t thik it’s really started yet, but at least we do know that my fish was a little larger. Wish I could join you on the Madison…

  2. Bozeman Chris

    Ya, I think my brown was bigger. I bet in the next couple of weeks the browns will only become more aggressive prior to their love making season. Made it back, i’m psyched up to start throwing some streamers for big browns here.

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