Some Mild Ass Weather

What a change from last year, at this time a year ago, we already had a good snow-pack, it was cold, and we were heading into one of the biggest Winter’s on record. This year is the exact opposite, hell, I don’t even have a fire going tonight. The last two days have been in the high 50’s in Truckee. Like I’ve said, you can fish, and the Truckee River is in great shape right now. I’ve seen a lot of folks up and down the entire river taking advantage of the mild weather. It’ll snow, who knows when, but it will. This rainbow came off the ‘ole “demo drift” with some clients today. A good drift is always the key on the T.

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  1. blogadmin

    What about Bridger? They have snow up there? Kinda scarry what’s happening with the weather. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. bznchris

    Nice! it has been warm here too. All the snow in my yard is about gone. With the warm weather this time of year also brings nasty wind. I will fish in cold rainy, snowy conditions, but the wind is damn right frustrating. Looks pretty calm there, no water being sprayed off the river from the wind. You are right that does look like some pretty froggy water behind you. Happy New Year!

  3. jack

    Sick dude! client must have been amped or afraid…that is a big ol’ hawg

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