Truckee River Fishing Report 2/24/12


Unbelievable, the weather that is. Feels like Spring in Truckee. My neighbor informed me that a certain migratory bird has returned back to Hirschdale, the earliest he’s ever seen them come back. Winters over? Fished the Cali side today, still a little tough, but should get better by mid-March as the water warms. Skwalas are out moving around, (in both states) won’t be long until we see fish on top munching them. The blue wings are now going strong in the desert, and the streamer fishing is picking up as well. Going to be an epic Spring up here is the weather stays like this. Some client photo’s from the last few.

4 Responses to “Truckee River Fishing Report 2/24/12”

  1. blogadmin

    I didn’t to well myself yesterday. Fish are still sluggish in Cali.

  2. G-Rob

    Tough on the California side along Glenshire. Windy on Friday and 0 bugs coming off. Couldn’t make it all the way to NV.

  3. Mac

    What kind of a raft is that? Do you guide with that bad boy?

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