This Is Living

Aged salami, beef jerky, IPA, 60 degree weather, and trout. That’s living. Fred who was laid up from a skiing accident, jonesing, reading my blog for the last year, finally healed and came out to float the Truckee River with me on the East side yesterday. We did some damage. Fred put a little oil on the rusty casting arm and gave her hell. Good bullshitting and fishing, just how I like it.

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  1. blogadmin

    The Aire is the best rowing raft around, good warranty and bomb proof. NRS makes good boats as well. I got a 13 footer for the Truckee,14 foot would be good too, but my 13 footer fits on an 8 foot trailer better.

  2. mike

    how do you like the super puma? pretty nimble? I’ve been looking at the nrs otter package can’t decide on 13′ 0r 14′ boat

  3. Mike Dewees

    Ran into you guys this day. Wind was up for a bit but the evening laid down nice and the dry action was awesome!

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