Schools Out For Summer

Just finished up two days of clinics on the Truckee River. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything like that. I had a great time, and met some great people. We learned my rigs, knots, flies, and did some streamering, on switches and single handed rods, and how I fish them. Got a text today from Shane who was in Saturdays clinic. He went out today with the techniques he learned yesterday and stuck some nice fish, stoked!  On the river front, she’s in good shape after last weeks Donner Creek rise of biblical proportions. The Truckee is in purrfect shape, and it should be a great week of fishing, hell, month of fishing. For all those that attended the clinic, thanks so much for your interest and patience for letting me teach you the things I have learned over the years. Look out for a Winter tactics clinic coming late Fall.

6 Responses to “Schools Out For Summer”

  1. blogadmin

    Thanks Truckee Real Estate Guy. Come on out on you own sometime…

  2. Truckee Real Estate Guy


    Man, wish I was there at the class (im a newbie fisherman…)

    Nice new blog, Matt, with your own domain…that’s always better than sharing servers…glad I stumbled upon your blog.


  3. blogadmin

    For sure, it was great having you.

  4. Shane Schuster

    Sign me up for the winter clinic, but I’ll see you before that! Thanks again bro had a great time.

  5. blogadmin

    Naw. Frankie’s to old to learn new tricks.

  6. G-Rob

    Is that Frankie da Fish in the foreground? I thought he was a southpaw. Must be learning to cast switch stance.

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