Not Good, Not Bad

I have to admit we didn’t kill it, but we did work hard and found some fish on a float yesterday in the eastbound and down. Actually, worked hard the day before too. Flows are a little to high for my liking down there now, and though we did get a few on the streamers, it just wasn’t “on”. Still a good day with some good dudes. The Cali side is just about to go off, she’s coming down here in the Hirsch a bit daily. The middle stretch, or above Boca, from what I’ve heard, is fishing very well. Be ready, caddis and the drakes will drop here any minute now.

5 Responses to “Not Good, Not Bad”

  1. blogadmin

    Streamers and bright sun, not always good. It takes many many floats to learn that section of the river. Once you find them, they will be there, year, after year, in the same slots and seams. It is fishing very well through here if you’re in the know.

  2. garrett

    Thanks for the response, floated the section and got humbled, shockingly did not get any grabs or follows throwing a streamer did manage 3 small browns. Still saving to take a trip with you, maybe we can work something out where I row you down the river while you fish and tell me all your secrets,ha ha ha, but seriously?

  3. blogadmin

    Naw, not really, they get used to the rafts.

  4. Garrett

    Hey Glligan, I was going to float the river from hirschdale down and was wondering if you think all the rafter traffic affects the fishing in that area. Once again always appreciate your knowledge and your flies down at Ace.

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