Like Me on Facebook, Might Win a Half Day Trip!

Alright, I have something like 70 likes on my Gilligan’s Guide Service Facebook page. I don’t even know how we get Facebook here in Hirschdale, but we do, and people say you need a lot of likes on your page. If you go to my fan page and click the “like” button I’ll put you in a raffle. The first 500 people to like my page will be entered into a drawing for a free half day guided fly fishing trip with me. 500 may seem like a lot but that’s about how many people view this site a day, if you like the blog, do me a favor and like me on facebook.

3 Responses to “Like Me on Facebook, Might Win a Half Day Trip!”

  1. Justin Fiddyment

    That is not a rattle snake. You do have them in the Hirschdale area though. That is a water snake of some kind about to dine on a little German Brown.

  2. blogadmin

    Pretty sure that was a baby rattler. Right here in the Hirsch. Thanks for the “like”. How’s Coor’s Light? kidding.

  3. aaron

    Wow! And sometimes the gardners are startling. Is that a rattler? I’ve heard stories but never seen them up here… I have seen reddish pink constrictor snakes as well… but that’s just gnarley. Hope he didn’t steal a clients fish! I liked your facebook. Half day trip would be cool but im more interested in that beer u owe me 😉

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