My buddy Morten from Norway made it up to Truckee for a few days. Not really sure if Vikings are from Norway, but I know he likes Whale meat. He catches some big ass Atlantic Salmon back home on the two handers, so tackling some Truckee trout wasn’t a problem. We lost some nice fish and caught some small ones, typical Truckee River style. Stoked we got a nice one today before he left. The Truckee is fishing well, Caddis, Crays, and Stones.

Remember folks, still working towards 500 likes on facebook and a drawing for a free half-day trip.Β  Thanks for all your support homies!

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  1. blogadmin

    You guys all look the same to me, Maj-brit.

  2. Maj-Britt

    Well Gill, the real Vikings are from Sweden…. πŸ™‚

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