Truckee River Fishing Report 8/3/12

It’s hot, weather wise up here. It’s been a hot dry summer. The fishing is still good on the Truckee River. I wouldn’t say it’s off the charts great, but we’re getting into them. Historically, July is the warmest month of the year in Tahoe-Truckee. In August days start getting a bit shorter, nights longer, and by the end of this month I’ll be scrambling to cut wood, and be wearing waders again. Fish have got one thing on their mind, crayfish. When the crayfish molt on the Truckee River, trout are like dogs in heat. I had two cancellations this week, to stay in practice, I went out and fished. One day I did shitty. Today, I had fish breaking me off on 2x. Very large trout. Three fish broke off right at the knot. I’ll talk more about knots later on down the road. That shouldn’t happen. I know how to tie knots. After today, I’m back using the duncan loop exclusively for larger flies. I even got a mid-day session on the LT yesterday. My dry fly skills are not what they used to be, but still stuck a few. In my opinion, the Little Truckee has been overused and mis-mangaged. Mainly because it has not been managed at all.  The LT is becoming a shadow of what it used to be. I basically took myself out of the guiding picture there. It’s a shame others haven’t.

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  1. uncle touchey

    The big T makes men out of boys. That is why it is much more exciting to see the fish that you pull out of there on a regular basis. It is a very humbling river most times.

  2. aaron

    ll put. 90% of the guides that hammer the l.t. are not locals. They dont know the big river and they can’t put people on a stack of fish like anyone can find in the l.t’s few good holes. You earned your props by being respectful and being one of the only guides that has proper etiquette on the water!

  3. blogadmin

    Jim, I think in about the 60 miles of fishable water you should be able to find some room on the BT. Certain times of the year it’s crowded, however half the time I have the whole place to myself.

  4. blogadmin

    Larry you bring up a good point.

    Aaron, thanks for the props. The fact of the matter is that it is a public river to fish. The public should be able to go out and find a spot to fish that 4 guides with their 2 clients each haven’t already fished through, or are hole hoging. The fishing public should lobby to limit the amount of guide days on that river. Also, we should restrict access in Winter, either by closing it once again, or at least closing the upper half of the river. This could be done by contacting the Tahoe National Forest. Anglers should also know better than to fish for fish on redds. The shit that goes down in the fall makes me sick too.

  5. Aaron

    I dont know what that river used to be but it is pretty sad in its current situation. The fish are just beat up. I took my girl to see the fish spawning in spring, and had to yell at 2 guys for putting flies right over their redds. There were atleast 6 pairs and they were sitting in less than a foot of water on OBVIOUS redds. I dont even want to talk about the shit that goes down in the fall…
    I highly respect the fact that you dont guide there. The “other guys” only know the LT and Glenshire Bridge it would seem…

  6. Larry Logger

    Right on Matt about the LT! I have been fishing it for 20 plus years and when they made it a Trophy Trout Stream and opened it year around it was the death of it! Should have left it alone and let bait dunkers fish cause it was much better then. We need more TV shows and videos to show how great it is!!!!

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