Hookups are Fish

Guides count hookups as fish, guests count fish to the net as fish. I figure I did a good job as a guide if we’ve hooked fish. I know guests get bummed, and even think the fishing is lousy if they’ve only landed a couple fish, but if they’ve hooked 8-10, especially on this river, then they should feel pretty stoked. We ain’t on the Mo, or the Green, or the Lower Sac, the Truckee is simply not that type of fishery. If  you’ve hooked fish you should be happy. Some of those fish you’ve hooked would pull most other fish in the West around by their tail. We have hard fighting fish here on the Truckee, and they are not easy to get in. Don’t get poopy pants, keep a good attitude, and enjoy the scenery. Go fish the Lower Sac if you want to slay fish all day. Come fish the Truckee if you like a challenge and a shot at some monstas. Micheal has fished with me a few times over the years, always keeps a good attitude, and always lands a monsta.

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  1. blogadmin

    Ok, I’ll bring the coffee, maybe some whiskey too.

  2. blogadmin

    Hey Jason,

    I think I’m going to do a winter clinic in January. Basicly flies and rigs for winter trout fishing. Skills you can take to any western trout river in the winter. Midge fishing, etc.

  3. Jason

    Any momentum re: a fall class similar to what you hosted in the spring?

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