Fall Colors

Gotta love fall. Brown trouts, streamers, beer, baseball playoffs. It’s full on fall mode here in Hirschdale. The river is fishing about is good as it gets. Cold in the mornings, nice during the day. Look for a detailed fishing report tomorrow. Some photos from in and around the Hirsch.

8 Responses to “Fall Colors”

  1. Paul

    I would frame that photo of the brown underwater and hang it on my wall. That photo is amazing.

  2. blogadmin

    That’s rad. That happens about three times a year on guide trips. Such a trip when it happens. I had a big boy on there too. Didn’t have my net though, oh well.

  3. aaron

    An older gentleman had a huge brown swipe at a small rainbow as he was landing it under that bridge last month. a few hours later I hooked it on a big streamer but lost it. Love that section of river.

  4. james still

    Love the pics, especially the brown. keep em coming

  5. blogadmin

    Thanks Brian-my favorite time too. Don’t last long enough though.

  6. Brian

    Hands down my favorite time to fish– also great shots. Love that underwater brown.

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