Truckee River Fishing Report 10/29/12

I’ve been on a hiatus, more like a trout fest. I’ve been in the great state of Montana this last week in the troutopia known as the Bighorn River. I had a blast with some good friends in some awesome country. Things here on the Truckee River are about the same as when I left. Nymphing wise, baetis, midges, worms, eggs, stones, and some oct. caddis. Flows are still good, down a bit in the Hirsch and up a bit through Nevada. It is 70 degrees out today in Hirschdale. There is a sparse blue wing hatch, but overcast weather will kick them off. Streamers, though it’s sunny, can produce all day this time of year, but cloud cover is better for that game too. It’s good to be back home and back on the river. It will be a busy month for me. Got this guy today on a test run, bigger than any fish I got all last week in Montana, figures.

7 Responses to “Truckee River Fishing Report 10/29/12”

  1. Dave

    gil-son, your baetis emerger was kicking butthole on the cloudy days. This year i tied a whole bunch of your caddis and baetis and have had great success on the Big T. Thanks for all the post and your suggestions.

  2. blogadmin

    We’ll have a good time Eric, looking forward to seeing you.

  3. blogadmin

    I like your posts lately, EOT, don’t tell no one though, kidding. Good to hear from you Ryan. We do have some big fish here.

  4. Eric Iwafuchi

    Glad you’re back, miss your posts and looking forward to going out in Nov.

  5. Ryan

    Yeah, we have the big dogs here, I fish Montana 2 years ago and same thing, came back here and nailed much bigger fish. That looked like a really nice bow!

  6. aaron

    Man I moved so many nice fish around your house last week on big nasty 6-8″ stuff. Sounds like a sweet trip. See ya out there

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