Truckee River Fishing Report 11/21/12

Not a bad week to get out and do some fishing. Cloud cover and warmer than normal storms have kept temps above average for this time of year. Flows are up a bit from this last weekend storms on the Truckee River through California and Nevada, and clarity is not an issue.  All the usual winter suspects should catch fish. Worms, eggs, stones, baetis, and midges. Now is also a fun time to get out and swing some streamers on the switch rod though the deep runs, steelhead style. Looks like we’re in for on and off again weather pattern, with most of these storms being on the warm side. Keep in an eye on the flows if you do get an itch to fish over the holiday weekend. If you’re new to the area and don’t feel like skiing and have no clue where to go, head into Mountain Hardware and Sports in Truckee. See the boys, talk shop, get a map and some flies. I’ll be taking the week off from fishing, a first since last year. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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  1. blogadmin

    Must be Bryan doing the reports.. Ha, ha. Sorry I missed you, was on the coast.

  2. G-Rob

    Best part of Mtn. Hardware’s report:

    “Every year I see grip and grin shots of colored up fish exhausted from the fight they just endured. YOU ARE WRONG. Ripping fish off their redds isn’t cool. It’s not “extreme”, and no one is going to give you a high five at the next fly fishing film tour. Stick with the fish that are rising consistently.”

  3. Huey

    Happy thanksgiving Gilligan! I’m coming in from Alaska and moving to Truckee

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