Truckee River Fishing Report 1/2/13


The word is cold. We just haven’t managed to get out of this cold snap. I really don’t think we’ve made it out of the 20’s for nearly two weeks here in the Hirsch. -10 here at my house this morning. Usually it would be warmer down on the Nevada side,  but it’s been cold there too. Good news is that warming is suppose to happen this week. 45 in Truckee by this weekend. Access on the Cali side is still an issue in some spots -there is just no where to park because of all the snow. You might want to bring the snowshoes to get to the river in certain areas. On the Nevada side snow is not an issue. We have caught some fish lately, though it’s been cold, and ice in the guides all day isn’t that rad. I’ll be much more stoked to get out there this week when it warms up. Nymphing of course is the way to go. Hit them trouts on the head. There is no need to walk  miles of river-pick a run, work it thoroughly. This month looks like we will warm up and dry out. The festivities are over, and it’s time to gear up for 2013. The fishing should be pretty darn good.

5 Responses to “Truckee River Fishing Report 1/2/13”

  1. blogadmin

    Glad that fly worked, usually every year that fly catches my biggest fish for some reason.

  2. john roberts

    Saw a light BWO hatch bring some nice fish to the surface on the lower river the other day mid-late afternoon. Your soft hackle pattern fished a few feet below the surface worked well.

  3. garrett

    Chased me of the water yesterday afternoon, lasted maybe 20 mins fishing the canyon. Did land a nice little brown though.

  4. blogadmin

    It’s almost to cold to fish up here. Just not fun when it’s like that. They have a place to park at Glenshire birdge yet? Happy new year Aaron.

  5. Aaron

    Man, Ice in the guides is one thing… Yesterday the whole leader was freezing and my 5x was as thick as a pencil. After a struggle i made it down to the water by my house. The Glenny section is pretty much unfishable with all the anchor ice. Hoping for that warming trend as well. Glad to see your gettin into fish

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