Stable Flows

Despite the cold snap, fishing was good this weekend on the Truckee River. The winter window of fishing is open, mainly because the flows are stable. It’s hard to say what’s going to happen down the road. Looks like we are suppose to get hit with some storms by the middle to end of this month. Hopefully, they’re cold storms and we continue to fish our way into spring. Though, I don’t mind when the river blows out. Everyone’s at home and the fishing can sometimes be very good. The bugs receded this weekend, but they’ll be back this week with warmer weather. Good flows, and lots of bugs will be the deal this week. This is Fidel’s first fish on a fly rod, on his very first drift.

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  1. blogadmin

    Sweet, everyone’s got their own thing. I just fished with Doug this afternoon and what we are both doing is not that far apart. We both caught fish.

  2. Ryan

    Your swivel system for indos has totally changed my fishing for the better. I combined your system with Olletes. Love it! I only loose indos now if I drop the dam thing and watch it float away; that’s only when I use em though. I love the slight bump, slight set, and surprise, fish!
    Thanks for teaching

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