Truckee River Fishing Report 5/3/13

Fishing has been up and down this week, seems like it always is in spring. Sadly, spring flows on the Truckee River looks like they have crested, good news for us now, could be bad news for us later. On a normal year the Truckee would be pretty much un-fishable with this hot weather we’ve had, now the whole thing is fishing even through Nevada. Like I said it’s hit an miss. Even though we have not had much run-off this year, flows are still high from the Hirsch on down. Easy pickings through the town of Truckee and the ‘shire , but still a bit big below. Bug wise things are about to explode. March browns are on the meal ticket right now, but the pmd, caddis and drakes of the green variety should be here shortly. We also get a nice carpenter ant, we could see those pretty much any day now. Nymphing wise, golden stones, pmds, green drakes, march browns, baetis and caddis should be in the box. They are all in the drift, so you should have them in the lineup.

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  1. blogadmin

    Ha Ha-that’s funny. We have tried to get rid of that dude for like 5 years. He’s loco. He camps illegally, leaves his ass wipes and beer bottles all over the place, harasses people, and the Sheriff doesn’t do shit.

  2. John

    While a friend and I were fishing on the Truckee River recently we had an encounter with a strange man, right in your neck of the woods.

    We were driving along a dirt road off the end of Hirschdale Rd when we first saw him standing next to his RV. When he saw us he left his vehicle and trotted down the hill toward us. He had one fist raised high above his head in a gesture of uncertain meaning, ‘Power to the People’ perhaps or maybe just ‘Stop’. He slowed and stopped. Not wanting to abandon a man in need, I slowed and stopped. What was the nature of his need? My buddy Craig rolled down the passenger window to find out. The stranger opened his mouth and words of English poured out. The individual words were clear enough, but when strung together they made no sense. He mentioned “the sheriff from Mexico” a couple times. I briefly considered whether the arrival of the sheriff from Mexico would be a good thing or a bad thing.

    Craig seemed to find humor in the stranger’s rambling discussion and encouraged him by repeatedly shouting out “Right on, Brother!”

    The stranger’s desire to communicate was obvious. He clearly believed he had information of great importance. His hands waved wildly in the April breeze as his unintelligible words continued to spew forth. I listened intently, hoping to find answers, but all I found were more questions

    Should I fear the stranger?
    Should I fear the sheriff from Mexico?
    Should I worry that Craig seemed to be bonding with this man?

    The answers were elusive, but then, I hadn’t heard a specific request for help either. I took my foot off the brake, stepped on the gas and moved on down the road.

    I thought, ‘Sorry dude, I got fishin’ to do’.

  3. Ryan

    That Sony TX10 takes some sweet little macro shots eh…

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