Truckee River Fishing Report 5/31/13

It’s good out there on the Truckee River. We have had a great week with a lot of bent rods. Flows have dropped to about a normal usual late July average, and it’s only the beginning of summer. That means fishing everywhere has opened up for the wade angler. Pretty much everything is pop’n right now. Pmds, green drakes, caddis, yellow stones, golden stones, you name it. I’ve seen it all out flying around. The drakes and caddis are sporadic, but will intensify this week with the warm weather. Pmds are on top of the menu. I’ve been mostly on the Cali side again this week, but today I fished in Nevada and it was gooood. It should stay good too. The big caddis hatches should start next week. Then you can roll out in the evening, stick them on dries, or nymph up on them during the day with a G-6. Life is good.

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  1. John

    Life is good indeed! I took a vacation day last Friday and visited your fine river. The nymphs were under constant assault. They were assaulted in the shallow pockets near the bank. They were assaulted in the deeper mid-stream slots. Heck, they were even assaulted while dangling innocently in the current below me. The only negative aspect of the day was that it ended and I had to go back down to the flat land.

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