This is Where Trout Live

Just getting through one the gnarliest heat waves I might have ever witnessed here in Truckee-Tahoe-Reno. A solid week of near 100 degree temps in the Hirsch. Reno has been mostly over 100. The fishing though, well, it’s actually good if you fish the fast pocket water. That is where trout live this time of year. Joe Kimsey showed me and my pops the fast water and how to fish it when I was a kid on the Upper Sac. I’ve been fishing it every summer since. We fished back then with no indos, tight lining with  flies called bombers and such. A bomber was a heavy weighted wet fly that sank like a bomb to the bottom. The key this time of year is looking for areas in the river with fast elevation drops. More oxygen, higher Ph=happy trout. Break the river down into slots that fish can hang in that kind of water. You’re basically looking for V’s. It’s fun teaching people this stuff, breaking the river down and sticking fish. Indo, or indo-less, they both work. Tight line nymphing is the key. Czech style, or whatever you like. I’m an American, so I American nymph, just like old Joe taught me. I mean, tight line nymphing is a Nor Cal thing, and has been for over half a century. Names like Randy Johnson, Joe Kimsey, Ted Fay, and Bill Carnazzo, paved the way for dudes like me. If you can get a tight line in the fast water, you’ll catch fish. Sometimes I even rock one fly in the ultra fast water, it works. Look for a summer nymphing clinic with my buddy Doug O this August. We’ll teach you all this stuff.

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  1. blogadmin

    Sounds like you’ve been around Mark! I remember going into the old Ted Fay fly shop as kid, so cool. Good to hear from the old schoolers like you, thanks.

  2. Mark Rochefort

    Gil, Thank You. I cut my teeth on the Upper Sac and am tired of hearing about this “new” tactic called Czech nymphing. I learned to use bombers on the USac back in the late sixties. The hottest part of the summer was tight line bombing until the magic hour dry action. Thank you again for that “revelation”….it needed to be said.

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