Truckee River Fishing Report 8/29/13

A lot smokey up here in the greater Tahoe-Truckee-Reno area on the Truckee River. The Rim Fire in Yosemite has the whole area under smoke. Thing is fish like the smoke, acts like cloud cover. The smoke has actually kept temps down, and the bite going through the end of August. The whole river has been fishing well in both states. Very good for late August. Nymph the fast water, and throw streamers in the deeper slots and holes. Dry dropper rigs can be very effective along the banks as the hoppers are out and some trouts may not pass up the oppurtunity. Streamers-use crays, or sculpins, small baitfish patterns can work well too. This is the last weekend for a lot of people, but the fishing, or the gooood fishing is going to start happening. Next post, I’ll put up two dates for another nymphing clinic with Doug O. The last one was awesome.

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  1. Larry the Legend

    Stop pounding it is the answer is right. Find somewhere else to fish…Drive a bit

  2. Crazy Uncle Larry

    The crowds have driven me off for the most part. I’m fine with that. The solitude has always been the allure for me. That’s why I spend so much time on the chukar cliffs now.. but even that is getting more populated.

    Only time I’ll put up with crowds (and not many of them) is steelheading. Kinda goes with the territory when someone opens their mouth to a fresh run. At least last year we found some excellent water with nobody else on it on the coast.

    You better come down this year. Got a spot for you in the truck, that is if Lani cancels.

  3. Jim McKay

    Maybe we need to stop pounding it during the hot summer months? I don’t think stocking it is the answser.

  4. Larry the Legend

    I agree with the restocking as long as the eggs come from the fish that are already there.Even though we know they didnt originate there. Dont need hatchery fish brought in like the Fly Fishers do.

  5. blogadmin

    I’m not so sure except for the fact that in Nevada, trout have a longer growing season. There’s also a lot more water in Cali that is not locked up between dams- so fish are very, very spread out. I’m not so sure the wild trout program is working that well on the Truckee at least in Cali. I think we need to re stock some of the river and bring the fish counts up, or at least implement an egg box type of re stocking program. Flows have been about 500cfs on average through Hirschdale and I’m sure the river could support a lot more fish per mile.

  6. CG

    Well said Gill…couldn’t agree more.

    Whats your take on why the California side is generally tougher than Nevada? That’s been the case in my experience at least. All them trouts gotta eat just the same right? Given cooler water temps and higher flows in Ca compared with NV as of late, one would think the opposite.

  7. Larry the Legend

    The old saying is “Build it and they will come”

  8. blogadmin

    The days of fishing alone are gone. There’s a lot of new fly fishers out there, dudes and gals that have been fly fishing a few years. That’s good and bad at the same time. People shouldn’t pound the same water day in and day out, and guides shouldn’t guide through the same stretch everyday. I see both all the time. Mogul holds a lot of nice fish, but yes the entire 50 miles of trout water hold the same. It’s much harder finding those fish in Cali. My two biggest fish have been here in Hirschdale, and I’m proud of that. Fly fishing is cool now. It’s a rad sport, and I’m glad people are getting into it, we just need to teach the right etiquette.

  9. LBG

    Had a buddy get a 28 inch brown at Mogul yesterday. Thing is he isn’t too good a fly fisher. Even marginal anglers are catching big fish there. If you don’t mind having to get there early to get a parking spot, rubbing shoulders, and having to wrestle a bit over certain stretches of water…Mogul is where its at. But really?

    Personally I hold pride in NOT fishing Mogul…damn circus! The ENTIRE river from Cali to Nv holds nice fish…try fishing elsewhere and give that stretch a break!

  10. Crazy Uncle Larry

    I remember you using about 46 pieces of shot to nab a brown below here a few winters ago. I still laugh at that lead necklace of a leader.

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