Truckee River-Little Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-11-8-15

Definitely cold this week, a good warm up during the last couple days, but more cold weather is on the way. Kinda feels like a mid-winter type weather pattern and it’s only early November.

The Truckee River did come up since last weeks storm. We almost got to 200 cfs in the Hirsch, and 500 cfs down by Vista NV. The river is back down to 80 cfs here, and just over 100 cfs down toward stateline. The Glenshire stretch and all that stuff above Boca is still very low. 100 cfs ain’t to bad considering we have no water anywhere in Tahoe. Hopefully we can continue to get some storms. I think we will see the river pumping once El Nino kicks in. We have moved into a more winter type fishing pattern on the river with the lower water temps. The small stuff becomes important this time of year and most importantly the type of water you fish.

The Little Truckee River has been hovering around 45-55 cfs. That is actually pretty good this time of year regardless if we have water in Stampede or not. Not to much dry fly fishing to speak of lately unless it’s overcast. Lot’s of lakers moving into the system to spawn from Boca. Be very careful of where you wade if you are fishing the upper lot.


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