Truckee River-Pyramid Lake Fishing Report-11-21-15

Things are going to get interesting next week with very low temps and low elevation snow.

What a nice week this week though. High’s back into the 50’s in the Truckee-Lake Tahoe area. Pretty good fishing on the Little Truckee and Truckee River after is has warmed up during mid-day.

The Truckee River is still the same at 80 cfs here in the Hirsch, and 100 cfs down below. We are in a winter type pattern fishing scenario. Things are going to get very, very cold next week, and honesty your best bet is to go fish Pyramid Lake, or the Little Truckee because it will be tough going on the main Truckee. We have had cold overnight lows and it takes a bit for the water to warm and the fish to put themselves into feeding lanes. You are looking for water that moves at a slow walking pace and is 3-5 feet deep this time of year. The small stuff works, but do not be afraid to fish some bigger flies too. Golden stones are available year round to trout and they will eat them if they drift by. Streamers swung passively, or slow, also work well in the winter. If you saw a big chunk of meat swimming by would you eat it? Sometimes you have to get the winter fish out of their slump and make them eat. The CFSv2 climate maps are showing well above precip now for December. I am predicting pretty big river flows here soon. Most people have never seen the Truckee River at 10K, or above. I think we will have multiple times this winter and spring with very heavy flows. It will be about timing. When the river drops and comes down after those flushing flows, the fishing is usually very good even in winter.

The Little Truckee River has been good. Fish are very spread out so you might want to try somewhere besides the upper lot. There are redds and still brown trout spawning so be careful. Do not fish to spawning brown trout either. That has been a real problem in years past. The normal winter time stuff is working out there too. The water is warmer on the LT than the Truckee so fish are usually a little more active in winter as long as you can make it out there.

I have not been to Pyramid Lake since last weekends clinic. I will be there most of next week as low pressure will be the dominate weather pattern.



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