Winter Rates!

I will be offering my winter rates from now until March 1st. This will be on all the waters I guide with the exception of Pyramid Lake, and float trips on the Truckee River.

This is something I do every year to get people out and stoked on fishing the river in the winter. These will be half day trips, 4- hours of fishing. If you do want a full day then my normal rates will apply. Usually we try to fish during the middle part of the day, or warmest time.

We sometimes catch our biggest fish in the winter. Remember big fish need to eat everyday, little fish not so much.

Rates will be $225 for one person, and $250, two people. All of my trips come with flies and any equipment you need. You can rock the latest and greatest Sage rods, or your own.

Flows are at about 150 cfs right now in the Hirsch, little higher in some places down lower, and about 140 something through the Nature Conservancy in Nevada. So not bad through out the entire Truckee River. We have warmed back into the 30’s after a very cold week. The high temp here yesterday was 15 degrees with a low of around zero. The shelf ice is breaking up and next week should be good with the warmer temps.

Our long awaited El Nino pattern is setting up. Overall the storms that we get will not be the very cold storms slamming the river shut with ice. The storms will probably be on the warmer side allowing us to fish all winter- temp wise, problem is, the river should blow out periodically, (high flows) this winter. We need the water, so everyday, or week the river is blown is a good thing. Checking the gauges before you fish this winter would be smart before you make a drive out to the river.

I will be doing a winter nymphing clinic, and a streamer clinic with the switch rods. I’ll come out with some dates soon.



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