Truckee River Fishing Report-1-25-16

Clearing out for the week, sunny mild weather until this weekend. 

Good time to get on the river if you haven’t fished the Truckee River in a while. We have water again, good flows, and fat healthy fish. Hopefully the parade of storms continues into spring and we have a stockpile of water. It looks as if that will happen.

Flows are about 250 cfs here in the Hirsch, and about 300 cfs everywhere else lower. It is about 75 cfs through the town of Truckee and the Glenshire Dr stretch. I have been guiding and fishing mainly on the California side, there’s just more fish here these days. There’s still some nice fish in Nevada, but you will work much harder for them.

Nymph up with the smaller bugs, swing with some larger leeches and sculpins and things. Slower water is you friend. We’ve pretty much made it through our 2 coldest months up here. With the snowpack and water in the river, it’s all gravy from here on out. Look for some big flows in the near future. We’re bound to get some heavy rains that melt all the low level snow. So for now enjoy the river at these flows and get out and fish. If you’re smart take advantage of my winter rates.

Streamer class will probably be in 2 weeks. I will post tomorrow, or Weds on some dates.


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