Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-2-1-16

Things got real big over the weekend. Flows on the Truckee River got up over 2,000 cfs here in the Hirsch, and over 3,000 through Reno pretty much overnight on Friday. Heavy, heavy rains.

We haven’t seen flows that big since winter 2012. Flows like that are usually a fairly common occurrence every winter, we just haven’t had those pulsing flows in a while- been no snow to melt.

Flows have come back down almost as quickly as they’ve come up. 585 cfs today here at Hirschdale, a slight tint and good to go. Anytime you can get on the Truckee after a big push, you will have good fishing. This week will be good. High pressure is setting in, kind of a bummer, as we need all the rain and snow we can get, but we will have mostly sunny blue bird/ good balmy days of fishing. Streamers and nymphing with all the usual stuff will get it done. The California side is good to go now, deeper in Nevada should be good and more clear by mid to late week.

The streamer clinic is postponed for a bit. Can’t make any dates as folks have been calling booking guide trips. We’ll do it though…

The Little Truckee River is fishing good if you can get out there. You will need a higher clearance 4X4 if you plan on fishing any of the upper stuff. Bring a shovel too.

I have not been out to Pyramid Lake in a bit. The fishing has been solid at the lake the last month though. Take a look at Instagram, seems like everyone is out there roping big fish. I’ve been busy on the river around the house here, but will get back out there. This spring will probably go nuts out there.


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