Yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to this last month, having twins. Been kinda a gnarly ride this winter as the wife was on bed rest for most of it, hence the lack of Pyramid Lake reports, just couldn’t be too far from home, or the Nevada side of the river for that matter. 

We just got back from Stanford, where we’ve been most of this month. Go Cardinals, you guys were awesome. We had to deliver the babies there. So now we’re settling in, and back in Hirschdale. I’ll be out doing some guiding at Pyramid, and back on the river later this week. Gonna take a lot of guide trips to feed those munchkins.

The river looks a bit big today, but should settle when the rain turns too snow tonight. 2-4 feet over the next few days. Time too hunker down and keep the fire stoked and the babies warm and fed. Very blessed too be a Dad.


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