Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-5-17-16

Wow, just unbelievably beautiful up here on the Truckee River. Spring has sprung, things are lush and green, the fish are fat. The river is flowing, and flowing good for that matter. 

Flows have been up and down. We now have water coming out of Boca and Stampede as well. Good news for the LT. The lower you go down the river the more tint you will have. All the creeks are pumping, Juniper, Grays, Hunter, etc. We have a lot of volume once again in the Truckee River.

Can fish see in off color water? Of course they can. They can see just fine. In fact we fished in some very off colored water last week and got fish on size 16’s. What we find too muddy is totally different for a trout. Remember, trout have all the senses, color, taste, etc, but they have a pea size brain. (H’mm, why do we spend thousands of dollars trying to fool them?)  Trout have adapted to their environments, the more pressured wild fish, the smarter they get, instinctually. (They want to survive.) Going back to the off colored water- dirty or muddy water is something they experience on a regular basis. They are completely fine living and feeding in those conditions, it seems we the angler are the ones that aren’t.

So about 740 cfs here in the Hirsch, and perfect. A muddy tint as you go lower down the river. Fishing is fair to good. Been getting them on streamers and lot’s on nymphs- off the indo and tight line nymphing. I do like tossing the big dries this time of year, with a couple nymphs off the bottom in tight. One of my favorite ways to fish.

I think we had a successful streamer clinic this last weekend. By Sunday’s clinic, I had things running a little smoother as it was the second day. The things I forgot to talk about on Saturday came out a little better on Sunday. We hooked a few fish and lost a real toad. Again, it’s the way I like to fish streamers, and it works for me.

Good fun times up here on the ole Truckee River.


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