Truckee River Fishing Report-6-3-16

So things are about to go nuts up here on the Truckee River. 

It’s been 4 years since a big spring run-off, and than a drop in the flows. That’s happening now, and if you have your guide trips booked in the next few weeks, you’re stoked. You’ll be fine after that too, don’t worry, but fish will be fat and stupid, (at least for this river) for a good few weeks here. I have like a few days and than nothing until the week of the 19th.

It’s hard juggling twins and trying to guide, but I’m doing my best.

Big dries, you bet… Streamers, yeah…tight line nymphing, oh hells yes, trouts are going to start moving into the mid river slots…Green drakes should be here shortly, caddis soon too, ants are here already, we should also see some golden stones flying around shortly as well.

Just a fun time up here on the Truckee River. Warm, yes, but still very cool at night. Not wet wading time yet, bring them waders  .

The Little Truckee is really good too right now. Flows are still up. The good dry fly fishing happens about mid- June out there, but you’ll still see guys with a big ping pong ball on their leader. Go look for some heads and take that darn thing off out there on the LT. Be awesome if is was just dry fly fishing only, guides would probably loose their minds, but how cool would that be?

If you want to learn some cool shit- fish cool- I have rigs and flies that will change the way you fish this river, or any other river. That’s not ego or anything, but I will change the way you fish. 




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